If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.

Meet the Team

Learn more about our wonderful team of staff

Veterinary Surgeons

Dawn Helliwell - Clinical Director

Dawn Helliwell

Dawn Helliwell Clinical Director
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Sarah Tricklebank - Veterinary Surgeon

Sarah Tricklebank

Sarah Tricklebank Veterinary Surgeon
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Nicola Jennings - Veterinary Surgeon

Nicola Jennings

Nicola Jennings Veterinary Surgeon
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Mo Melleney - Veterinary Surgeon

Mo Melleney

Mo Melleney Veterinary Surgeon
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Sophie Ingledew - Veterinary Surgeon

Sophie Ingledew

Sophie Ingledew Veterinary Surgeon
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Veterinary Nurses

Rachel Downing - Head Veterinary Nurse

Rachel Downing

Rachel Downing RVN Head Veterinary Nurse
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Lois Gray - Veterinary Nurse

Lois Gray

Lois Gray RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Emily Yeardley - Veterinary Nurse

Emily Yeardley

Emily Yeardley RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Louise Hosford - Veterinary Nurse

Louise Hosford

Louise Hosford RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Megan Jackson - Student Veterinary Nurse

Megan Jackson

Megan Jackson Student Veterinary Nurse
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Shanie Lamb - Veterinary Nurse

Shanie Lamb

Shanie Lamb RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Sophie Stocks - Student Veterinary Nurse

Sophie Stocks

Sophie Stocks Student Veterinary Nurse
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Reception & Administration

Gemma Taylor - Operations Support Manager

Gemma Taylor

Gemma Taylor RVN CVPM Operations Support Manager
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Lisa Grace - Domestic Assistant

Lisa Grace

Lisa Grace Domestic Assistant
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Mandy Garner - Client & Personnel Manager

Mandy Garner

Mandy Garner Client & Personnel Manager
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Louise Smith - Practice Administrator

Louise Smith

Louise Smith Practice Administrator
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Deborah Coupe - Practice Administrator

Deborah Coupe

Deborah Coupe Practice Administrator
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Sarah Green - Receptionist

Sarah Green

Sarah Green Receptionist
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Jenny Boyd - Receptionist

Jenny Boyd

Jenny Boyd Receptionist
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Samantha Crowther - Receptionist

Samantha Crowther

Samantha Crowther Receptionist
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Chloe Gilliver-Askham - Receptionist

Chloe Gilliver-Askham

Chloe Gilliver-Askham Receptionist
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Georgia Grayson - Receptionist

Georgia Grayson

Georgia Grayson Receptionist
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Sally Jarvis - Receptionist

Sally Jarvis

Sally Jarvis Receptionist
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Hannah Cliff - Receptionist

Hannah Cliff

Hannah Cliff Receptionist
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