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Parasite control

We recommend year round prevention of fleas and ticks using topical spot on preparations such as Frontline Combo, Stronghold or Advocate.

These are very safe and easy to use and much more effective than many pet shop preparations.

We recommend Milbemax wormers for cats and dogs. Milbemax controls tapeworm and roundworm in one easy dose. Milbemax comes in 2 forms: a standard platable tablet for cats and a chewable tablet for dogs. 95% of dogs will take the chewable tablet from your hand. We recommend routine worming of dogs and cats every 3 months. We also use Drontal Plus and Panacur for routine worming.

For cats which are difficult to tablet, we advise the use of Profender topical spot on preparations. For more information about worming your dog or cat please visit

VIP Plan

Have you considered our VIP Plan, which offers even greater savings on worm, flea and tick products?

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