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Behaviour Consults

Veterinary Behaviour Consults for dogs and cats are available with Nicola Jennings. Nicola has been seeing behaviour consults in practice for the last 5 years. After initially completing the 'Learn to Talk Dog'  and 'Think Dog!' Intermediate and Advanced courses on dog behaviour and gaining a Diploma with distinction in 'Modifying Canine Aggression' from the Animal Care College, Nicola went on to gain ESVPS GP Certificate in Animal Behaviour in 2015.

Combining Veterinary investigation with behavioural investigation really helps with behavioural problems as the ability to idnetify factors such as dietary intolerance, hormonal disease and chronic pain states are critical to managing many

cases, especially those involving anxiety and aggression.

The consult comprises of an initial 60-90 minute consultation for history taking and physical examination, followed by any medical tests. A further consultation is then planned a week

later to discuss the behavioural modification plan and to demonstrate and practice training exercises. A written report is provided along with detailed instructions for training exercises. On-going telephone support and repeat consultations to assess progress are offered. If you would like further information on behaviour consults please contact either of our branches on 0114 2334673 for  Halifax Road or 0114 2747605 for Abbey Lane.

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