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50% off Senior Wellness Screen

50% off Health Screenings for Senior pets at Abbeymoor Veterinary Centres

Did you know that cats and dogs age at around 7 years to every human year? So visiting the Vet every 6 months is the equivalent to us seeing a doctor once every three and a half years!

Like us, our pets can develop age related diseases such as diabetes, kidney problems or issues with their eyesight. They will often hide any discomfort they are in though, due to primal survival instincts, leading back to when our pets were wild.

Whilst Vets looks for hidden signs of pain and early indications of diseases, these are often only apparent when diseases become severe enough to produce symptoms such as excessive drinking, urination or fluctuations in weight.

A simple blood test, urine test and test for dry eye accompanied by a routine physical exam can help us to tell if you pet is as healthy on the inside as they look on the outside, or if early signs of age related disease are present.

So if your cat or dog is older than 7 (that's nearly 50 in dog years) why not book them in for a senior pet health screen today

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