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Welcome to the Practice

It has been a while since we have updated our website so just wanted to update all our clients on staff.

Clinical Directors

Dawn Helliwell - Dawn is also a Veterinary Surgeon and carries out Acupunture Referrals

Len Mutch - Len is a Veterinary surgery, and carries out Homeopathic referrals.

Veterinary Surgeons

We have recently said a fond farewell to Anna Gaughan at the Halifax Road Branch, but have welcome a new member of the Veterinary Surgeon team Natalie Hebda.

We have also had a new member of staff at our Abbey Lane Branch - Jane Nicholson. Jane has been with us since the middle of last year so I'm sure many of our clients have already met her.

Sarah Tricklebank continues with her years services to the practice, tho she is maily found at the Halifax Road Branch now rather than Abbey Lane

Nicola Jennings works at both Halifax Road and Abbey Lane. She also carries out Behaviour Consults for dog and cats, when owner require more help.

Mo Melleney continues her years service to the practice she works at both Halifax Road and Abbey Lane.

Veterinary Nurses

We welcomed a new Registered Veterinary Nurse to the practice in May last year - Lois Gray. Lois studied Veterinary Nursing at Askham Bryan. Lois can be found at both our practices.

One of our Student Nurses - Lauren Rathbone left the practice at the beginning of the year. We have welcomed in her place Holly  Dickinson. Holly is currently an Animal Care Assistant; hoping to start a Student Veterinary Nurse position in September.

Our Student Nurse Ruth Hackney has currently passed her theory and practicals, and is now a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Ruth is currently on a sabattical at Chester Zoo, but I'm sure she is looking forward to returning to the practice in July as a newly qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse.

Our Student Nurse Gemma Swallow is progressing well in the practice and working hard at her NPL, in preparation of returning to University in October and finishing her degree in Veterinary Nursing.

Rachel Downing has recently been promoted to Head Veterinary Nurse. She is managing both the nursing team at the Halifax Road Branch and Abbey Lane Branch. Rachel can also be found running Senior Clinics in practice, and has currently just finished her course in ISFM Diploma in Feline Nursing.


We have two new receptionists that have joined the team recently.

Lindsay Fells who replaces Leanne Ronksley. Lindsay is mainly at the Abbey Lane Branch, but works Saturdays at Halifax Road on a shared rota. Lindsay is also carrying out the practice bookkeeping.

Sally Jarvis has taken on a new position as Receptionist from Domestic. Sally has been with the practice for many years. Many of our cleints will have seen Sally popping through Reception with a tray of drinks for the staff. She has now decided that she would like to have a more client based job.

Sarah Green continues with her many years of service to the practice. Sarah is based at our Abbey Lane Branch.

Helen Roberts is mainly based mainly at the Halifax Road Branch, after spending two days at Abbey Lane over the last 12 months covering materiny leave.

Jenny Boyd contnues her service with the practice. She is based at the Halifax Road Branch.

We will be welcoming Samantha Crowder back to the practice in July from a year off on maternity leave. Samantha will be returning to our Halifax Road Branch rather than the Abbey Lane Branch


Our prcatice manager has has now left, so there has been a few changes to our office staff.

Gemma Taylor, who was previously our Head Nurse, has now been promoted to Operations Support Manager.

Mandy Garner has also been promoted from Head Reception to Client and Personnel Manager. Mandy can still be found on Reception and will our main advocate for The Pet Health Club.

Louise Smith continues to work in the office and deals with Accounts and Insurance Claims.

Dotorthy Jarvis returns the practice as our domestic

Pawsome Tea Party

On Friday 26th May we will be hosting a tea party in support of Cats Protection, to help raise funds for the local Cats Protection. Please come along and join us between 11.30am-2.00pm

Pawsome Tea Party

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